Our History

Welcome to Reaching Our Communities’ Kids.

Reaching Our Communities’ Kids is a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) company. We have been certified to provide before and after-school programs and summer camps in the State of Maryland.

R.O.C.K. focuses on the growth of families through the enrichment of the child. All of our programs provide a safe environment conducive to learning. The ROCK organization has over 25 years of experience working in childcare. The Board of Directors has over 40 years experience collectively, experience in working with children.

We offer a free mentorship program for the youth ages 8-14yrs old.

It is time for us to recapture the ideal of the family, supporting each other. By strengthening our mind, body, and spirit, we strengthen our self-worth, and we strengthen the world.

​​Our Day

Morning Care : Free play
Afternoon Care:
1. children are provide a afternoon snack.
2. 45 mins. of reading, quiet or homework time. ROCK work is optional

3. Free play or the designated activity of the day.

Make It Happen Mondays ~ Paint & Sit ~jewelry making~ arts & crafts
Tasty Tuesday / Badminton- Children sample different food combinations.
Wack It Wednesday - Volleyball game
Try it Thursday - Child practice different skillsets: crochet class ~dance lesson ~piano
Fastpitch Friday - Softball game
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  1. T. Smith
    R.O.C.K, over the many years, provided my child with educational support in the form of mentoring and study time, as well as skills in development, summer camp fun, community parties/barbeques and family outings (bowling, skating etc.). the staff has always been respectful to not only me but to my child as well, and always brought things to my attention that they thought would aid in my daughter's social and academic development.