R.O.C.K. Before & After-School Program
When I grow up, I want to be an EXAMPLE
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  2. Daily Homework Help
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  4. Hallo pumpkin pies
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  7. Tasty Tuesday Gingerbread Houses
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  9. Human birthday cake

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Questions? 844-653-1906

Before Care: Click "Registration" tab to enroll.

​After Care: Click "Registration" tab to enroll.

Before & After Care: Click "Registration" tab to enroll.

Drop-In Care:  For times when you need to drop off your child early or you are unable to pick up your child at the regular scheduled time (ex. school delays, temporary schedule change. Must PRE-REGISTER online prior to child's attendance.

Summer Camp: Held at 2 locations. Click "Registration" tab to enroll

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*Scheduled School Closings: ROCK is closed.
* Scheduled Half Days:  ROCK closes at 5:00pm.
* Emergency Closing or After school activities cancelled  by Baltimore County School System, due to weather: ROCK is closed
* 1-hour school delay: ROCK opens at 8:00am.
* 2- hour school delay: ROCK opens at 9:00am


* Scheduled School Closings: ROCK is closed.
* Scheduled Half Days:  ROCK closes at 3:00pm.
* Emergency Closing or After school activities cancelled due to weather: ROCK is closed.


  1. First Frugal Family Outing
    First Frugal Family Outing
    September 29th 2018
    12pm-5pm Free to enter park. Only pay for rides you want. Open to all R.O.C.K. family and friends. Sign up by Sept 21st.
Adult and Youth Mentoring Programs

A Youth Engineer designs optimal choices for solutions to a problem using internal and external resources of children, teens and young adults. A Youth Engineer is a professional concerned with applying life experiences, education, creativity and ingenuity to develop, first, self-awareness then, second, world awareness. The work of a Youth Engineer is to form the link between what one believes and what is reality, also, to form the link between the true basic human needs and quality of life.
Much of a Youth Engineer’s time is spent locating and researching information to be able to provide the best results to the participants. A Youth Engineer must weigh different choices of an individual, group or organization or corporation and choose the solution that best matches the requirements. It is crucial to be unique and to identify, understand, and interpret issues in order to produce a successful result. The word engineer is derived from the Latin roots ingeniare ("to contrive, devise") and ingenium ("cleverness"). There is no way that we will ever break the vicious and self-destructive cycles of emotions, finances, goal abandonment and underachieving global social skills as adults if we don’t skillfully plan and address these issues in the lives of children, teens or young adult.

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Well Why Not Me

                    Free Youth Mentoring Sessions

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